Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two Weeks and Growing

This is me. I'm about 9lbs now because I love to eat. I'm a REALLY good eater and I sleep a lot too, except when my Big Sister wakes me up to tell me something really important, like how I'm her Little Sister. She is so kind and sharing, like over the weekend she shared her runny nose with me and now I have my first runny nose! Wow. Mom is so happy about that. Big Sister has a cough now too- maybe she'll share that with me soon. Life is good. I like to be around my family and see how everything works. Dad is afraid of me a little bit because I am so small and he is used to 2 year olds. Mom is tired because I keep her up at night and I eat a lot. Big Sister is very emotional because she is SOOO happy to have a new sister! How great is that?

My First Vacation

A week old and I'm already on a vacation! I guess I got lucky when fate chose my parents! Our hotel room is almost as big as our NYC apartment, and mom and I have been doing a lot of hanging out in it, considering I love breastfeeding and napping and when I'm done with that I love more breastfeeding and napping. The fresh air has really been nice and wow, the leaves- amazing! Mom gets to eat a lot here (Pops says this place is all about the food and he's probably right considering there are three full meals a day with afternoon tea and late morning buffets as bonuses). Mom has been eating like a horse and still losing weight. She has me to thank for that of course. I'm such a special daughter.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm Here ! (Finally)

After two passed due dates, my mom's doctor decided to induce labor on Friday, October 12th. Luckily I started giving mom contractions the day before, so by the time she reached the hospital she was 3cm dilated and having regular contractions every 5-7 minutes and the doc only needed to break her water to get the ball rolling. That and an epidural of course! Once those things happened it was pretty smooth sailing. My dad even walked up to the nurses station at one point and heard our nurse brag to the other nurses that my mom had the nicest contractions. We got the gold star for the day. And what a surprise I was at 8lbs 7oz (yikes) and 22 inches long! It's nice to be born. (Especially for mom)