Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Motherlode

I love my Big Sis' Monkey Purse and when she's not looking, I love to raid it. She is always rummaging through Mommy's purse, so I figure it's A-Okay if I play with her purse. She gets very upset when she catches me in the act, so I always try to do it on the sly. I figure a little dose of her own medicine won't hurt, especially when she has stolen gum out of all the purses in the vicinity. Even Listerine breath strips. She went running to mommy the other day after she ate 10 Listerine breath strips at once. Mommy said,"Are you okay Sass?" and she said,"MOMMY, I NEED SOME WATER!" I bet she did. Those things are strong and I've never even had one, I just smell the scent every time I chew on the case.

Mommy said she's going to Costco to buy Auntie Mish a Jumbo box of strips and gum to replace all the packs Sassy stole.

My Second Thanksgiving

I give thanks for Listerine strip packets. They are great to chew on, especially when you have big molars coming in. I didn't eat any turkey, but I wore an adorable dress from Auntie Pauline, so nobody noticed how little I ate. I give lots of thanks for everything.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing with Maddie

After the NYC Marathon, Big Sis REALLY wanted to go to the playground. So we ended up going to the mini playground at Uncle Stuie and Aunt Laura's place. It was fun and I had a great time playing with cousin Maddie.